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Resizing the sidebar cause's the Name column to disappear (Attachments)


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open Any browser
      2. Add an attachment to a Confluence page, save.
      3. Click on the — drop down and select Attachments (1)
      4. Resize the sidebar on the left, rightwards (or visit a page which has had the sidebar previously resized) or resize the browser window
      5. Name column will truncate the document title and eventually hide the Name all together.

      Expected Results
      The table of attachments, should resize accordingly when adjusting the sidebar on the left. Name, Size, Creator, Creation Date etc should all adjust accordingly.

      Actual Results
      The Name column is the only column that will resize in relation to width. The other columns remain fixed width.
      This also affects devices with a smaller screen resolution.

      Affected browsers
      Issue should affect all browsers, and have been confirmed on the following.

      1. IE
      2. Chrome
      3. Firefox

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