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Watch tagged pages and optionally summarize notifications during a day



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      I work in a distributed team that extensively uses Confluence wiki. So keep myself up-to-date I'm "watching" pages, also i have an "rss" set up to chow changes made to pages tagged by a specific label.

      "Watching" pages is nice, because you get diff of a page's before/after state, which RSS doesn't provide (because of https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONF-26109, which I consider an odd decision, a kind of reluctance, and in current state it is a real issue to guess what has been added/changed/removed by looking at a message in RSS without a walk in browser; a side thought: then at least would be nice to have a configuration option in RSS builder to switch off showing of a content in RSS messages to keep RSS posts concise as all-in-all they do not provide info i'm looking for).

      However "watching" pages itself is not perfect too. Because people create new pages here and there, and it is not possible to watch a page along with its child pages (besides, sometimes pages of interest just cannot be organized in a parent-child page structure in a natural way). At the same time it is relatively easy to train everyone in a team to use a set of tags. But again, Confluence has no way to "watch" changes made to a tagged content. Would be nice to have that.

      And, finally, there is another problem with "watching" for changes in pages: frequently people do not make all changes to a page in a single edit. So they edit a bit, then look and remember something and edit again, or update content during a day until it is stabilized and etc. And in turn I get a couple of emails related to a single change. I wish i cold receive only one notification in this case, e.g. send a notification for a particular page only after some quiet time. Alternatively i can imagine an option to switch to a periodic (e.g. daily) receiving of "page-watching" notifications, with automatic merging of a changes made by a single person to a single page.

      What do you think about all that?


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