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Some system attachment actions not visible on Tools->Attachments page


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      Tested with 5.2-rc1:

      The fix for CONF-22002 introduces a regression that pushes the system attachment actions off the right hand side of the page, even for users that have relatively large screens, and even with a base system (no plugins installed).

      The attached image is from my Retina MacBook Pro with the browser window occupying the full screen (effective width 1388 px). The situation will be worse for users with smaller screens.

      As the screenshot shows, the "Properties" link is only partially visible for two files, and the "Delete" link for those two files is missing entirely (unless the user scrolls past the Confluence page boundary).

      Aside from the obvious aesthetic problems, this is a big deal for plugins that rely on the attachment actions column, since their capabilities will be effectively hidden for the user.

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