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Nesting complex macros inside of a user macro breaks page rendering




      If a complex macro (gliffy, attachments, jira issues) macro is nested within a user macro that utilizes a <div>, then anything after the user macro fails to render, including the footer.

      To replicate

      1. Create the a user macro with the following attributes
        • Macro Name: anymacro
        • Visibility: Visible to all users in the Macro Browser
        • Macro Title: anymacro
        • Categories: Confluence Content
        • Macro Body Processing: Rendered
        • Template: <div>$body</div>
      2. Create a new page
      3. Insert the 'anymacro'
      4. Insert the 'Attachments macro' inside the 'anymacro'
      5. Save page
      6. Notice footer fails to render

      Attached are screen shots of the failure when using the 'Attachments' macro, we should see the word 'zabba' as well as the footer after the attachments macro but they are not present.

      Update (28/4/2014):
      Other scenario to replicate:

      1. Create a NoPrint Macro
      2. Create a new page
      3. Attach a PDF file
      4. Insert a NoPrint Macro
      5. Insert PDF Macro inside the NoPrint macro's container
      6. Save the page
      7. See NoPrint Screen 1.JPG and NoPrint Screen 2.JPG

      Update (25/2/2015)

      1. Create a NoPrint Macro
      2. Create a new page
      3. Insert the NoPrint Macro
      4. Insert any Macro Panels that has icons (Note, Info, Warning, Tip)
      5. Save the page
      6. See NoPrint1.PNG and NoPrint2.PNG
      7. See CONF-37102 for an explanation of the occurrence of this issue

      Update (17/6/2014)
      Adding Powerpoint Viewfile Macro inside a user macro breaks the page layout.

      1. Create a simple user macro (e.g: cp-expand):
        ## @noparams
      2. Create a new page
      3. Attach PPT or PPTX file
      4. Insert cp-expand
      5. Put the Office Powerpoint of the PPTX in Step 3 inside cp-expand
      6. Save the page


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