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Excel files not rendered properly using Viewfile macro


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      Summary of Bug

      When viewing a Microsoft Excel file inside Confluence, some formatting is not rendered correctly. Examples are :

      • crossed-out words are not crossed out
      • underlines and upperlines are not displayed
      • embossed text is no longer embossed
      • line breaks in cells are not respected
      • Rotated cells are not respected

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a Excel document
      2. Enter formatting like underline, and strikethrough
      3. Insert the Excel document into Confluence
      4. View the file using the Viewfile macro


      This is how the document is supposed to look like :

      This is how the document looks like when using Viewfile macro :

        1. excel prob.png
          excel prob.png
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        2. excel prob 2.png
          excel prob 2.png
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        3. ImportExcel.xls
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        4. viewfile formatting.png
          viewfile formatting.png
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