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After change an username in Active Directory and resynchronize, there are two accounts showing in Confluence (the old and the new username).



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. At AD, rename a user.
      2. Try to re-sync the directory, note that both usernames (the old and the new username) are showed at Manage Users link.
      3. The new username didn't inherit the groups membership, the old username kept the group membership, but none of them can log in Confluence.

      Note: Even trying to resynchronize the directory many times and flush cache statistics (Confluence Admin > Cache Statistics > Flush All), don't seems to solve the problem.


      There is none yet.


      1. At User Directories link, disable the directory, enable it again, and re-sync.
      2. Check the users at Manage Users link, it should now show only the right username, with the right group membership.

      Note there are cases where just disabling, enabling and syncing again does not resolve the issue. In those cases:

      • Database table may show 2 different users (due to rename) with the same external_id:
        SELECT * FROM cwd_user WHERE external_id in  (SELECT external_id FROM cwd_user GROUP BY external_id HAVING COUNT(*) > 1);


      1. Disable the current user directory
      2. Create a new user directory with the exact same configuration as it was in the old directory
      3. Sync the new directory and the users should be able to login and have the correct information.

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