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Allow admin editing of restricted pages without un-restricting page



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      There seems to be some inconsistencies in the edit/view page-level restriction permissions.

      I searched the previously submitted bug reports and a lot of them have been resolved as "Not a bug". I at least disagree. Take the following example:

      We have 2 administrators, admin1 restricts the page with the the view restriction to himself. This means that admin1 is added to the list of people who are able to view the page, all other users can not see the page except admin2 user (as he is an administrator, but he also cant see the page in the spaces page tree for example).

      Now, lets say the admin1 is on holiday and the restricted page needs editing. The admin2 user can not edit the page until he removes the restriction that admin has placed for himself. This is quite simple to do, but a small amount of unnecessary work.

      But what if there were restrictions for 10 people? What if the groups and users are retrieved through LDAP and no logical group can be used, and 10 single restrictions were required? The admin2 user would first have to remove the 10 people from the restrictions, edit the page, then add the 10 people again (since no logical LDAP group can be used) This is totally unnecessary overhaul for the administrators. Administrators should be able to edit the page even though it is restricted to whoever. Of course we could create a LDAP group with those 10 users, but this too is an overhaul that some companies can not afford, and even with this resolution, the admin2 user would first have to remove the restriction, edit the page, then add it again.

      I understand from the previous submissions that this is how it is supposed to work, that the user does not accidentally see (i.e. in the spaces pagetree view) or accidentally edit a page (a restricted edit page) that he/she isnt supposed to edit, but the administrator should be on top of this and know the details.

      To help the administrator notice the restriction, as a solution I suggest a new feature, that all restricted pages (view or edit) have a noticeable panel to the administrators that this is a restricted page, either view or edit, without removing the edit function from the page, because this creates unnecessary overhaul, one way or another.


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