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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Internally, we are having discussion how to collaborate "graphically".
      Currently, we use attachments of various source types (PPT, Visio, whathaveyou). Once we reach a somewhat stable version, these are exported into jpg/gif which in turn is embedded into the respective page.

      It would be very nice, if we could embed objects which are not only bitmaps.
      I see these options

      1 Render the attachments. Out document management system does this. This is really neat, as you can preview PDF, Doc, PPT without having to launch the application. However this is a dead end collaboration wise.

      2 Support additional mime formats, e.g. SVG.
      If we can agree on using SVG for illustrations, we can use this for both display and storage. Change to Confluence should be minimal.
      2.1 Support in-place editing as described in or an "etch-a-sketch" Confluence. This should by 2nd stage.

      Bottom line:

      • Please provide support for embedded SVG
      • Consider including in place SVG editing, once appropriate browser / applet support is available.


      • Confluence 5.7 new feature named File preview have the ability to render svg file. However, Confluence still unable to render it as thumbnail. Hence it is necessary to render the file as a link.
      • You can use SVG out add-on to view SVG files in confluence pages. Please try it first in a test environment to make sure it does not disrupt your instance.


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