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Include a page's attachments in email notifications or when emailing a page



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Attachments to pages are not attached to notifications from Confluence. This means any embedded images in the page cannot be seen from offline email clients.

      The "Email Page" feature, which ships with Confluence as a disabled bundled plugin, also does not send page attachments with the email. The UI does not mention this. Ideally it would allow users to choose which attachments are sent.

      From Mark DeSimone's post on the Confluence Forum:

      We have a lot of users who travel and do work offline. So, they need to have the wiki pages and any relevant attachments in an email so when they get on the plane or train, they can work on the issue. The problem we are having is:

      When a page is emailed, either from a watch or emailing it from tools, we need to have it include attachments

      Are there any solutions? If not, what are some ways around it? Right now I am having trouble with adoption because everyone still likes to use Office documents and email, even if it gets a little crazy.


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