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Radical idea, archive external email in Confluence


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      At first glance this idea may sound a little out there, but I think it could be a very radical and innovative feature.

      We've started using Confluence to publish/manage our software development design process. We create pages for features, attach design documents, invite conversation and discussion over features. Most of this conversation happens over email. We have a email list full of people/stakeholders who need to sign-off on specifications or at least participate in the discussions about them.

      The most important topics and conversations happen over this email list. This is a very important asset to us. It would be very cool if there was a feature to include this information, these emails in Confluence.

      There are a few ways I thought of doing this. Perhaps require that that a Confluence descriptor be used in the title or text of the email. Something like "@Space/Page" in the email title and Confluence would archive the email in that page. This would also assume Confluence is monitoring some email address. The Confluence page would have a threaded email listing much like any other email archive.

      I know this probably seems a little out there, but I think that the result could be very powerful. Imagine going to a page to see a new feature, then being able to click on a link like "Email Discussions" and see the dialog that brought that new feature into being.

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