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Enhanced bulk space permission editing for selected spaces


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      Global administrators can't currently select specific spaces for bulk permission adjustments.

      The recent feature introduced allows adding or removing a user or group across all, all except personal, or only personal spaces (CONFCLOUD-1053).

      This limitation negates the efficiency in environments where permissions must be tailored to a subset of spaces, forcing manual adjustments that are time-consuming and prone to errors.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement a selection mechanism within the 'Add people to all spaces' feature that enables administrators to choose individual spaces or apply filters for bulk permission changes.

      A checklist or a filtering system based on criteria like space category or activity date would significantly enhance administrative efficiency and accuracy.

      Why This Is Important

      This feature is crucial for facilitating the management of space permissions, particularly for larger organizations with varied and complex access needs across numerous spaces.

      It will minimize the administrative load, reduce potential mistakes, and improve the overall security and organization of space access within Confluence.


      The current workaround involves manually adjusting permissions for each space or contacting support for assistance to workaround possible permissions restrictions within the API.

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