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Bulk space permissions editing for global administrators


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Editing a space's permissions under 1.0 requires the administrator actually clicks through to the space's summary and from there goes to editing the permissions. Even for a fairly simple Confluence setup with multiple user groups and multiple spaces, administering the permissions is already getting quite cumbersome and it's quite hard to get a picture of what spaces a single group or user can actually view/edit/etc.

      1. Please add a new tool into the Administrator section which lists all the spaces in the system and lets the admin edit the spaces permissions without having to go through to the summary of the space.
      2. Also please make it possible to list the space access rights of a group and/or a user to make it possible to view what content access the user or group has.


      UPDATE on May 10, 2024

      Hello everyone - 

      We are excited to announce that now, admins will be able to Manage space access in bulk.

      Admins will be able to add a user or group to all spaces on a site (or remove them from all spaces) in one bulk action. This can be done for all spaces on the site, all spaces except personal spaces, or all personal spaces.

      Currently, admins have to go to each Space, one-by-one, in order to make the appropriate access changes. The team is very excited to save time for our administrators with this launch!

      Navigate to Space permissions, and you'll see the ability to 'Add people to all spaces.' This is available to all editions. 

      There are of course, further bulk permissions management use cases and we will keep those top of mind as we build out our product. 

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