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Can't export pages/spaces to PDF with specific GIF/PNG images




      Status Update 27 October 2021

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your patience as we work on fixing this bug. 

      We’re currently making some larger architectural changes to PDF Export that should resolve this bug (and many other PDF export related issues). While this is set to fully release for spaces in early 2022, this GIF problem should be resolved at least for page level exports in Q4 2021. We acknowledge that this has run into delays as the development team wants to ensure that we will not regress on functionality with the architectural improvements.

      We know you have been waiting eagerly for this fix as we are, and we will be providing any updates as they come. Thank you again for your patience.



      Issue Summary

      In some cases, a specific attachment (PNG or GIF) will prevent the page and the entire space from being exported to PDF.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page
      2. Insert the GIF or PNG image (we were only able to reproduce this using specific GIFs and specific PNG images)
      3. Set the image to a lower pre-defined size (small or medium)
      4. Publish the page
      5. Try to export the page or the entire space to PDF

      Expected Results

      It should export the page/ space without problems

      Actual Results

      The following error is thrown, generally at 50% for the export:

      There was an error in the export. Please check your log files.


      There're three available workarounds:
      For the new editor:

      • Individually export the affected page instead of using the space export.

      For both editors:

      • Remove the image or replace it with a different image (other than the affected GIF/PNG)
      • Set the image to its original size or a manual value - it seems to fail only with the preset sizes (small, medium) (Legacy editor only)


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