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Nest Expand or other Bodied Macros in another Macro



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      Status Update 5 March 2024

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback in this ticket around the nesting limitations of the Editor. I'm pleased to share an update that we've just released to both Jira and Confluence Cloud.

      1. Actions can now be placed inside Lists (numbered, bulleted)

      2. Lists can now be quoted, including with actions inside them

      3. Panels - media, code blocks, actions, dividers, and decisions can be nested within a panel

      4. Nested Expands - nest lists, actions, code blocks, panels, quotes, dividers and decisions within a nested expand

      To find out more about all these content nesting enhancements, check out the Community post.

      These changes will be rolling out over the coming weeks to all accounts, so if you don't see them straight away, they'll be there soon! 

      Thanks so much for your feedback and patience.


      Kieran Gray
      Product Manager, Atlassian Editor


      There's currently no way to nest an bodied macro (like the Expand Macro) into another bodied Macro. This suggestion will help to track the interest for building this out.

      In the previous editor, nesting Expand Macros was made possible as a result of CONFCLOUD-24201.


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