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Bring back the option to add macros within a numbered or bulleted list



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      Status Update 29 October 2020

      Hi all,

      I'm a product manager on the Editor. Thank you for sharing your feedback and requests. We hear you, and are making improvements to Lists now and in the future. At the moment we've been working on making the Lists feature generally more reliable and less buggy (releasing soon!) - so it's more predictable when you switch between bulleted/numbered; when you indent/outdent, backspace/delete, and copy/paste. These are foundational improvements that we've been making to Lists, in order that we can next make them more flexible and add much-requested features in - such as putting content inside a numbered list and not breaking the numbering!

      Next up, our team will be working on another much requested feature - undo/redo buttons in the toolbar. After that, we'll come back to this List request, and other List requests, to make them more flexible and more usable - focusing on top user requests like nesting content in a list, continue/restart numbering, start from an indent, etc. We will keep you updated as we get more detailed on what exactly we will do and when.

      Thank you again for your feedback!


      Status Update 13 March 2020

      As we're working through this feature and others, we wanted to address a lot of your concerns as to the future of the new editor and legacy editor.

      Please read our recent community post here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Confluence-Cloud-articles/Change-to-your-content-is-in-your-hands/ba-p/1324476



      "In the previous version of Confluence, you were able to easy move and place the info panel between a number list without breaking the sequence. The new version doesn't allow the number list to continue when inserting the info panel... It resets the numbers."

      By being able to insert macros between numbered lists, some of them allowed different content to be placed inside (I.E. tables) and useful information that would be tied to the specific number of the list. This request also applies to codes when inserted in the numbered list.

      It would be very useful to have this feature back in the fabric editor.

      This also affects the Bullet List. Macros cannot be added to bulleted lists as well.



      Use a table with the Numbering columns feature on tables. By doing so, you can put any amount of content that you prefer inside a single cell, and then, jump to the next one that would be the next in the numbering list order. 


      Additionally, images can be added to a numbered lists directly. Inline images can be inserted as emojis.


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