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Create Multiple JIRA issues from table is not linking the tickets on the Confluence page




      Status Update 4 August 2021

      Hi everyone,

      This is Neha from the Confluence team. We would like to thank you for all the comments on the current need to be able to reliably create multiple Jira issues from a table. The current behavior where multiple issues from a table are created but do not get updated to the table in Confluence is expected for the scenarios listed below:

      1.) If the selected text has a line break
      2.) If the selected text spans multiple table columns or rows
      3.) If the selected text consists of only whitespaces
      4.) If the selected text is no longer found on the page / blog
      5.) if the page / blog has been deleted
      6.) If the page / blog has been modified since loading
      7.) If the user no longer has permission to edit the page / blog
      8.) If the table does not have a header

      We are going to update this bug to focus on surfacing these various error conditions in Confluence and making the error messages user friendly and clear. Thank you again for your feedback on the unexpected behavior happening with creating multiple Jira issues from a table!


       Issue Summary

      This feature of creating JIRA issues from a table seems to be not working for now. Though the issues are created in JIRA, they are not linked in the Confluence page we just created.


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      Steps to Reproduce

      How to replicate the bug.mp4

      Expected Results

      The JIRA issues you just created are linked in the Confluence page as JIRA links.

      Actual Results

      The text you selected to create the JIRA issues is intact.


      You can create each issue separately.


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