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Comments on a file doesn't work with new editor





      In the new editor, the function to comment on images and files on Confluence is not working as expected. The comments dialog box doesn't render to write a comment for the files.


      • Confluence Cloud
      • New editor

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On the new editor, create a test page and upload a file.
      2. Navigate to .... > Click on Attachments > Select the file.
      3. Click on View
      4. Drag the pin icon from the bottom of the preview and drop it where you want to comment.

      Expected Results

      It should present the window for writing the text.

      Actual Results

      It doesn't render at all


      • The developer console will show below error
        com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-previews:annotation-plugin.js?externals=__local-default__&locale=en-GB:150 Uncaught TypeError: this.errorCallback is not a function
            at e.<anonymous> (com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-previews:annotation-plugin.js?externals=__local-default__&locale=en-GB:150)
            at d (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.fireWith (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.fire [as reject] (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.<anonymous> (com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.quickedit:quick-edit-general.js?externals=__local-default__&locale=en-GB:13)
            at d (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.fireWith (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.fire (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at d (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
            at Object.fireWith (VM2962 jquery-min.js:1)
      • The request header for this element will show status as 200 and preview shows limited payload:
        {results: [], start: 0, limit: 100, size: 0,…}
        limit: 100
        results: []
        size: 0
        start: 0
        _links: {base: "https://srandhawa.atlassian.net/wiki", context: "/wiki",…}
        base: "https://srandhawa.atlassian.net/wiki"
        context: "/wiki"
        self: "https://srandhawa.atlassian.net/wiki/rest/files/1.0/files/697925655/comments?attachmentVersion=1"
      • Comparing with old editor where all the information is parsed:
        {id: "40828933", history: {latest: true,…},…}
        anchor: {type: "pin", page: 1, x: 0.7663398692810458, y: 0.9363636363636364}
        body: {editor: {value: "<p>Testing with image comments</p>", representation: "editor",…},…}
        editor: {value: "<p>Testing with image comments</p>", representation: "editor",…}
        view: {value: "<p>Testing with image comments</p>", representation: "view",…}
        _expandable: {atlas_doc_format: "", export_view: "", styled_view: "", storage: "", editor2: "",…}
        children: []
        hasDeletePermission: true
        hasEditPermission: true
        hasReplyPermission: true
        hasResolvePermission: true
        history: {latest: true,…}
        id: "40828933"
        resolved: {value: false,…}
        by: {type: "unknown", username: "unknown", displayName: "Unlicensed user", userKey: "", operations: null}
        displayName: "Unlicensed user"
        operations: null
        type: "unknown"
        userKey: ""
        username: "unknown"
        value: false
        version: {by: {type: "known", accountId: "5b7caf50332df52a5d9449d8", accountType: "atlassian",…},…}
        by: {type: "known", accountId: "5b7caf50332df52a5d9449d8", accountType: "atlassian",…}
        friendlyWhen: "yesterday at 2:01 PM"
        message: ""
        minorEdit: false
        number: 1
        when: "2019-09-02T08:31:01.067Z"
        _expandable: {collaborators: "", content: "/rest/api/content/40828933"}
        collaborators: ""
        content: "/rest/api/content/40828933"
        _links: {self: "https://skhanna.atlassian.net/wiki/rest/api/content/40828933/version/1"}
        self: "https://skhanna.atlassian.net/wiki/rest/api/content/40828933/version/1"
        _links: {base: "https://skhanna.atlassian.net/wiki", context: "/wiki"}
        base: "https://skhanna.atlassian.net/wiki"
        context: "/wiki"


      Currently, there is no workaround for this issue


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