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Resize image by pixel on new editor



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      Status Update 23 August 2021

      Hi everyone, 

      My name is Sam Ugulava and I'm a Product Manager on the Confluence Cloud team. Thank you for your feedback on resizing images by pixel in the new editor. The new editor optimizes for making sure images look good on all screen sizes, but your feedback helping us understand that the current resizing options may not provide enough flexibility for content creation. As a result, we are going to evaluate your feature request and consider enhancing the resizing options for images.

      In the meantime, here's how you can resize images in the product today:

      After adding an image to your page, its starting width is the same as the content area. 

      To resize an image, 

      1. Select it. Image handles will appear on each side.
      2. Hover over a handle, select it, and drag it out from the middle or in toward the center to change the image size. 

      Images snap to the grid that appears offering you eight image sizes providing a responsive experience for page viewers regardless of device.

      Thanks again for your feedback, 


      Status Update 13 March 2020 

      As we're working through this feature and others, we wanted to address a lot of your concerns as to the future of the new editor and legacy editor.

      Please read our recent community post here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Confluence-Cloud-articles/Change-to-your-content-is-in-your-hands/ba-p/1324476



      Resizing images by pixel has been removed in the new editor. There are many times when precision documentation calls for precise image sizes, down to the pixel. 

      Additionally: The TinyMCE editor allowed to scale images to a percentage of their size.



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