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Bring the option to create pages using links to the new editor



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      Problem Definition

      On the legacy editor, it was possible to create pages using links, as described in our Insert Links and Anchors doc:

      Link to an undefined page (a page that does not exist yet) 

      Sometimes you want to link to a Confluence page that doesn't exist yet. To do this, you can add an undefined link and come back to it later. When you click on the link, Confluence will create a draft page with that title for you to then add content to and publish when you're ready.

      Create an undefined page link:

      1. Choose Insert > Link or press Ctrl+K on your keyboard.
      2. Choose Advanced.
      3. Enter the name of the page to be created in the Link field.

      A link to an undefined page is shown in dark red. Until you actually publish this newly created page, anyone with create permissions in that space can click on the link, while viewing or editing, and it will continue to create new draft pages. 

      But that's not possible to be achievable on the new editing exprience.

      Suggested Solution

      Bring this feature to the new editor.


      No workaround available fo this feature.


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