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Not possible to convert the text in bullet points into action items



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      Status update: 26th September 2023 - Moving bug ticket to a feature request

      Hi everyone!

      I'm part of the team in editor working on these issues. 

      Upon closer examination, it seems that we have a feature request in disguise here. 

      We will be converting this ticket to a feature request / suggestion and moving it into our team's roadmap. Your comments and votes will not be lost.

      In the spirit of transparency, at this moment, we don't have an estimated delivery date for when this feature request will be implemented.

      Nevertheless, We will be taking this feature and your feedback into consideration for our future roadmap reviews.

      Thanks again for your feedback,

      Tamim Noorzad

      Issue Summary

      It isn't possible to convert the text in bullet points into action items


      Confluence Cloud - New Editor

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page
      2. Add text, select it and convert them into bullet points
      3. Select the text and click on "Action item"


      Remove the bullet point from the text and then convert it to an action item.


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