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Balsamiq, Draw.io & Gliffy Diagrams doesn't load with Jira Issue Macro


      Issue Summary

      Online Diagram Software for Flowcharts like Balsamiq, Draw.io or Gliffy doesn't get published when a Jira issue macro is added to the same page. In Edit mode we can view the draw.io image, but in preview mode, it disappears.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Create a page
      • Add both Jira Issue Macro & Balsamiq or Draw.io or Gliffy
      • Publish the page

      Expected Results

      • Both Jira issue macro & Balsamiq or Draw.io & Gliffy gets published

      Actual Results

      Only the Jira Issue is published. Video Attached


      • It does work on Windows using Google Chrome;
      • Doesn't work on IE and MS Edge


      Jira Issue can be added as a comment on to the Confluence Page to load the Balsamiq/ Draw.io / Gliffy in Published Mode

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