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Unable to link to internal pages which have not been previously viewed


      Issue Summary

      When linking to an internal page in the New Editor in Confluence, it's not possible to find a page unless you have viewed it recently.


      • Confluence Cloud

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to Confluence Cloud using a test user, or separate user from your main account.
      2. Create a new page in Confluence with a unique title. Publish.
      3. Logout, and login again as a new user (this can be your usual user.)
      4. Create or Edit a page in Confluence using the New Editor.
      5. Insert Link macro by typing /link
      6. In the search dialogue, attempt to search for the name of the new page.
      7. You will find that it only displays pages that have already been viewed.

      Expected Results

      Page is found from the list of internal pages, and a link is inserted.

      Example of screen when inserting a link. The only pages displayed will be recently viewed pages:

      Actual Results

      Page name is not found, and a link is unable to be inserted.


      When a link is successfully inserted to an internal page, a Smart Card Link is created.



      Visit the page first, and then try linking to the page.

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