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Cannot add link to image in Fabric Editor


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      Status Update 17 December 2020

      Hi all!

      My name’s Paul and I’m an engineer for the Confluence Cloud Editor. I’ve been feature leading a stream of work to bring image linking functionality back to the editor in Confluence Cloud. I’m super excited to let you know that it’s now been rolled out to 100% of customers!

      Note: some customers have asked for a slower rollout. If you don’t have it on your instance yet, this is likely why. Hold tight, you’ll receive it in the coming weeks!

      To add a link to an image, simply select an image in the editor -> click on the link icon in the floating toolbar -> type in your link or use the in-product search dropdown that appears -> press enter to confirm. Voila! You’ve added a link to your image.

      We hope you love it as much as we do.

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m going to close this ticket out now as done.

      Paul | Feature Lead, Atlassian Cloud Editor

      With the new Fabric Editor, it is no longer possible to add a link to an image, making the image clickable to open link address. This was standard functionality in the old editor.


      Fabric Editor

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new page in Fabric Editor
      2. Add an image to your new page
      3. Click on the page in edit mode
      4. The link icon in the menu is now greyed out

      Expected Results

      When I click on the image in the Fabric Editor I expect to be able to click on the link icon in the menu, to add a link.

      Actual Results

      There is no option to add link to an image. When you click the image in the Fabric Editor the link icon in the menu is greyed out.

      Use an add-on like draw.io or Gliffy to import an image and add link to a transparent box covering the image.

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