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Inline images in the new editor



      In the New Editor, it is not possible to add an image in a line that also contains text.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In a instance with the new editor enabled, create a new page
      2. Add an image (.PNG, .JPG) as an attachment
      3. Try to add text in the same line as the image's thumbnail

      Expected Results

      Text is added within the same line

      Actual Results

      It's not possible to add text and images in the same line


      1. Go to Emoji in the toolbar
      2. Click Add New Emoji
      3. Set a emoji shortcut
      4. Upload the file you want to add in-line


      • Pages migrated from old editor to the new one, that contains inline images, might stop displaying those images. They'll show up as inlineExtension in published mode, instead.
      • This behavior is also present when importing word documents as pages - Images that have text on the same line will be replaced by inlineExtension placeholders on the final page. (This can be replicated using the annexed .docx file)
      • this is an inline image.docx

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