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Disable the option to invite team members on the first login


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      Issue Summary

      The users invited by the site-admin have an option to invite other users when they log in for the first time.


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Invite any user from Confluence
      2. When the user will sign up using email invitation, they will see an option to invite other users in the very first window. See the screenshot attached.

      Expected Results

      Invited users should not see an option to invite other users

      Actual Results

      The users can see a window to invite other users. See the attached screenshot.


      In the site access section of the instance, the customer has already made settings where only the invited users can join.


      When the invited user sees the screen to invite other users then they can click on continue without entering any email address, this way they will not send an invite to other users.

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