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Nesting tables are unsupported



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      Problem Definition

      In the new editor, nesting tables is no longer supported.

      Suggested Solution

      Is this something that will later be re-introduced, or is it discontinued from Confluence Cloud altogether?


      Atlassian Status as of 11 January 2017

      To be clear on what’s been done, previously in Confluence Cloud, you could place tables inside lists, block quotes, and other tables, we call these “nested tables”. We disabled the ability to create new nested tables. Your existing pages with nested tables are safe and you can still modify these existing nested tables (edit cells, add/remove rows/columns, etc). You just won't be able to create new ones.

      As to why we have made this change, there are several reasons:

      • Less than 1% of pages have these nested tables showing there are other ways to get the message across.
      • Nested tables are a huge source of complexity which results in a less reliable editor.
      • Nested tables make pages harder to read, especially on mobile devices.

      As part of our broader efforts to create a reliable, predictable, stable, and expressive editor, we have made this change.

      Phil Oye, Senior product manager


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