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Ability to adjust font size


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Status Update 3 Feb 2022

      👋 Hi - I’m a Divya Sriram, a Product Manager that works on the editor team. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As we continue to improve the editing experience, it's important to understand use cases like this. This feature is not in our short-term roadmap, but we will work to see if it makes sense if to move this feature into our future roadmaps.

      We will keep you updated along the way.

      Thank you,

      Currently, font size in Confluence comes in pre-defined sizes that the user can set by using one of these settings:


      Ideally, fine control over font size allows whoever may be writing documentation to adopt their visuals. Businesses may or may not have different needs or desires to fulfill with their documentation structure. Also, the current set of sizes is not aimed at font size control, but at heading and table of contents.

      Currently, Confluence is severely limited on what users can do with documentation appearance in general, font size adjustments being one of the limitations.

      Giving control over font size via “heading presets” severely limits what the documentation looks like and ads too much content to the Table of contents that would otherwise not be present there had font size tooling be present.

      Some of the current approach limitations:

      1. Limited set of sizes
      2. Adds more formatting than just size
      3. Adds content to the table of contents
      4. Limits documentation formatting



      Original Text:

      Please allow the user to adjust font size. Changing font color and header type is great but adding font size would be a great addition. Also, documents written in Google Docs do not translate bold or italic letters to confluence. it reformats it.  Thank You

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