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Configure Tomcat so that it has a unique SESSION_COOKIE_NAME to prevent session overwriting for Confluence


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When multiple applications are configured on the same domain with separate ports, users will be constantly logged out of each application as the SESSION_COOKIE_NAME is identical.

      This is due to the Tomcat configuration. Please alter the default bundled Tomcat 7 config so that it has a unique Confluence session cookie by modifying the <CONFLUENCE_INSTALL>/conf/context.xml to the following (or something similar):

      <Context sessionCookieName ="CONFSESSIONID">

      This will prevent users from getting into this problem in the first place.

      Additional workarounds can be found within Logging into Another Atlassian Application Logs Me Out of Confluence.

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