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New Macro: Provide Page Break macro



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Status Update 3 Feb 2022

      👋 Hi - I’m a Divya Sriram, a Product Manager that works on the editor team. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As we continue to improve the editing experience, it's important to understand use cases like this. This feature is not in our short-term roadmap, but we will work to see if it makes sense if to move this feature into our future roadmaps.

      We will keep you updated along the way.

      Thank you,

      OnDemand users are not able to create user macros. However, Atlassian recommends in their documentation to create a Page Break macro in order to control page breaks when exporting content to PDF.

      The export to PDF option is used often for creating customer-facing documentation. Not having this control in order to keep text/tables together, text/images together, and avoid orphan headings, creates extremely unprofessional documentation and not a good representation of the company to the clients.

      Having this macro out of the box for OnDemand users would allow them to use this key value of using the content without having to use a hack that causes frustration and confusion when other users are editing doc and not knowing how to manage the page breaks; it also creates additional space at the top of the page. The option only available to OnDemand users is to update the CSS to break after a defined header, e.g. h6, and then input text that is h6 and make it white to force a break.


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