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Insert JIRA Issues dialog missing sidebar or displaying "No Macro Metadata" error


      Problem summary

      Disabling in-app notifications (or the underlying Workbox plugins) will cause the JIRA Issue dialog to break in a few ways. This seems to be a regression of CONF-30822, originally fixed in 5.4.0

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set up Confluence 5.4.2 with an application link to a JIRA instance
      2. Confluence Admin > In-App notifications, and choose to disable in-app notifications
      3. Add/edit a page and perform the following two tests:
        1. Click the Insert sign and select JIRA Issue. Problem 1: Observe "No Macro Metadata" error. Cancel out of this.
        2. Start typing {jir and press enter to bring up the JIRA Issues panel. Problem 2: Observe that the sidebar and insert buttons missing

      I was also able to reproduce this in 5.4.3.




      This issue is fixed in JIRA Macros 5.5.2, which is compatible with Confluence 5.4 and above. The fix will be bundled in Confluence 5.5.

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