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Movement of a page should be recorded in page history



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      • In an enterprise environment or an environment with many users, pages are constantly moved from one location to another (either from one parent page to another within one space or from one space to another space)
      • These movements should be recorded as part of the page history to allow users to reconcile the complete history of a page
      • IMHO the former location of a page belongs to - according to my definition of - "full page history"

      Exemplary Use Case

      • A Confluence page contains critical or sensible information ("Critical Page")
      • For compliance reasons the question arises whether or not this Critical Page was at any point in time located in eg. an unprotected space
      • In order to validate this, a record of the page's movement should be added to the page history
      • Put differently: it is not sure that a page that is now located in the "correct" space always was there; it could well be that the page was formerly accessible in a different space and only recently moved to the "correct" space


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