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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update 5th Dec 2017

      Hi all,

      Thanks for all your votes and comments on this suggestion. We fully appreciate that organisation restructures and consolidating/importing content into Confluence is a driver for needing the ability to rename a space. 

      As many would be aware from the comments, this suggestion has been open for a very long time. If this action was straightforward to implement, we would have done so a long time ago. The space key is stored as part of all content, including links to other content. In order to change it would require the entire contents of Confluence to be analysed and processed - the space key as it was implemented, is core to the relationship between content. In any large instance, such an activity must be carefully constructed to ensure that it is robust and performant at scale. We have also considered implementing a logical remapping of space keys, however have concerns that this would not solve your issues regarding consolidating/importing of content.

      Whilst we see the value in this feature, the sheer complexity of implementation has pushed it out of our immediate roadmap. However, we understand how useful it would be to support this action, so we will continue to explore solutions.

      Thanks again for your feedback on patience on this issue.


      Adam Barnes | Senior Product Manager - Confluence Server

      Hey folks -
      Any chance the ability to rename the space key is in 1.3? <weak grin>

      I realize this is probably a big thorny task due to links in the pages, but my users want to do it. No, let me rephrase that... some of my users are whining loudly saying they 'need' to change the key, especially for "team" spaces where the team name/acronym has changed.

      Workaround for Confluence Cloud instances with JIRA Cloud:
      On JIRA & Confluence Cloud instances, Space imports can be linked to JIRA Projects. The process changes the Space KEY on the export file, to the JIRA Project KEY.

      Export the Space and import it by linking it to a new JIRA Project with the new desired KEY:

      1. In JIRA create a new project without a Confluence Space linked to it.
      2. On Confluence, go to Space -> Space Tools -> Content Tools -> Export -> XML -> Next -> Full Export -> Export Space and export the target space as XMLincluding attachments.
      3. Download the export
      4. Go to Import Spaces
      5. Select the Export and the option to link the Space import to the JIRA project created on step 1
      6. Import Space
      7. Verify content and remove previous space

      Note: external links to Confluence Pages on the previous space will be broken.


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