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When "Project settings will allow public access" if user chooses to continue the progress will still show checks failed


      Issue Summary

      User needs to select Continue with public access again if they previously chose to continue and then navigated to the migration dashboard.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create migration plan
      2. Enter plan name, destination site, choose projects and check for conflicts
      3. Public access warning is detected
      4. Select Continue with public access, confirm Continue
      5. Select Review
      6. All Checks show as complete (no warnings or errors)
      7. Select Go to dashboard

      Expected Results

      1. Migration plan in dashboard should show as Saved status with progress Ready to migrate

      Actual Results

      1. Dashboard shows progress Some checks failed
      2. Selecting Review takes you to Review page with warnings and errors
      3. Viewing errors is the same public access warning


      User needs to select Continue with public access again.

            mkenchugonde@atlassian.com Manoraj Kenchugonde
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