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Inclusive / Exclusive Filtering of Files in an Open Pull Request



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      Mostly need an Exclusive filter for Files in two scenarios

      1)  Files that are essential for the project but not really reviewable entities in themselves as they are generated files ( like IDE project files ).  They generally just bloat the pull request

      2)  Library Subrepositories that get committed as part of of a PR, but often are noise and have already been reviewed.    In these cases there's two kinds of filters needed  a) Filter out by a wild card path b) filter out a commit  ( as subrepositories are merged in with a commit, see https://github.com/ingydotnet/git-subrepo )


      The ideal way to handle this is to be able to apply multiple filters, have standard filters per project and completely up to the reviewer what filters are applied ( with the option to always apple a default filter )




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