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As an administrator, I would like to configure LFS to store files in an alternate location



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      Problem Definition

      LFS in Bitbucket Server currently does not allow files to be stored in an alternate location, thus limiting the size of files to the size of BITBUCKET_HOME/shared

      Suggested Solution

      Allow LFS to use alternate locations.

      Why this is important

      To allow large instances to manage their storage needs without outgrowing a single volume or location, which may be limited by IT's ability to provide one large volume.


      None at this time

      Update 27-Apr-2017

      This suggestion was becoming complicated with a number of different use cases and implied solutions. To resolve this I have opened a separate issue for storage of LFS object in Artifactory, and one already exists for S3.

      So I'd like to focus this issue on "alternate locations" but still hosted by Bitbucket Server. There are a number of possible solutions that might achieve this, for example: LFS storage being hosted across multiple filesystem mount points.

      For other "alternate locations" please see:

      BSERV-9125 - Support for AWS S3 storage of LFS files
      BSERV-9721 - Support for Artifactory storage of LFS files


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