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Add the ability to Diff compressed files (gz, tar.gz, zip) directly in Bitbucket



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      This request is similar to https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BSERV-3248  that was opened, reviewed and closed as answered (not a priority at the time, deemed a rare use case).


      Git has the ability to diff the contents of compressed files after making some minor adjustments to the local versions of there configuration files:


      *.tgz diff=tgz
      *.tar.gz diff=tgz


      [diff "tgz"]
      binary = true
      textconv = tar -xvzO -f
      attributesFile = ~/.gitattributes

      Desired End State: The ability to diff the contents of compressed files from within a pull request so that changes to the contents can be compared to previous versions of the same compressed file in any other branch

      Current Work Flow:

      The current process for the user to diff the contents of a compressed file, the user must pull the source branch that contains the updated compressed file to their local repository, they may also need to pull the target branch, then they can perform use standard git commands to see the changes that were made.

       Desired Work Flow:

      While looking at the list of files that have changed in a PR, the ability to select a compressed file and diff the contents to the contents of the same file is another branch is presented on screen.

      Why this is needed

      The process of manually pulling the source and possibly the target branch and then having to perform the diff outside of the Bitbucket UI increases the amount of time needed to perform this kind of comparison.

      Being able to perform this diff operation from with the Bitbucket application improves usability and the speed of reviews when using compressed files is part of the normal workflow

      As instances of Bitbucket (by number of users, number of repositories, and size of repositories) increases this capability has a much higher impact than when this feature was requested back in 2013

      Would be nice as well

      • Should allow each repository to enable or disable the ability for compressed file diff
      • Performance data should be collected and presented to Sys Admins so they can understand the impact of this functionality on other functions of Bitbucket




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