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Punctuation aware code search



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      The code search shipped with 4.6.0 does not handle punctuation well when indexing code. In order to locate occurrences reliably, it should be improved to allow for search criteria with certain punctuation characters taken into account.

      Comments with example searches and example results are very welcome to help us cover the right set of characters.

      As a workaround it is possible to search for adjacent strings (> 2 characters each) separated by punctuation using phrase syntax. eg to find left_pad you could search for "left pad" (including quotes).

      Original description:

      we have installed the version 4.6.0 of the bitbucket server and will replace the stash soon.
      In the document:
      the options and restrictions of the code search are documented.

      In our company we have a lot of projects and repositories which means that there is a need to find code for global refactorings in a very exact way that result in a small amount of matches.

      Because of that need, the following restrictions are not good for the results we get:

      1. All punctuation characters are removed
      2. Case is not preserve
      3. Regular expressions in queries are not supported

      Is there a plan to improve the query posibilities in the next releases?

      One small improvement might help to minimize matches. If we get a filename: key word beside the ext: key word to restrict our search.

      Is there already such a key word?



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