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Some UI elements (buttons etc) missing labels and only have mouseover tooltips


      Repository page

      • Change native tooltip on Browse/Search to tipsy
      • Add tooltip for the ".." on directory browse

      Source page

      • Add title to span if author's name isn't linked

      Commit page

      • to fix the problem of "tipsy not visible on focus"
      • remove the redundant title for the table headers
      • add tooltip for the truncated commit message on the commit page ?? bflower
      • when the table row is highlighed, the focus style is missing

      Pull request list

      • remove the native tooltip on the author (or change all tooltip for user into tipsy ? )

      Pull request page

      • Tipsy for each icon on the comment editor
      • Lozenge of the status of the commit should have explanation.

      Diff view

      • Title for inline comment icon (also, consider using tipsy instead)

      Repository setting

      • remove redundant title on "move repository" and "delete repository" buttons, as well as on the form fields
      • discuss with bflower regarding the tooltips on the headers of permission table .

      Admin page

      • add focus style for the up/down arrows
      • remove redundant titles on form fields

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