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Ability to render other README formats, such as reStructuredText



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      Atlassian status as of Mar 2022

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for your feedback, passion, and advocacy for this suggestion. Please accept our apologies for allowing this issue to remain open without a clear answer from us.

      We would love to improve committer alias management in Bitbucket Data Center. However, this use case is quite rare in an enterprise environment and is associated with high engineering costs. We made a decision that this improvement is the wrong direction for our product. We remain committed to being an open company, whether it's with regards to feature requests or bugs in our software. 

      So if we are not going to improve committer alias management, what are we doing instead? We remain committed to helping software teams deliver high-quality software faster in an increasingly competitive world. We believe that great developer tools are a key element of modern software development. To that end, we've made a lot of improvements last year and are planning to work in the following areas that help with problems development teams face now:

      • Performance and scaling to support growth
      • Security and compliance features
      • Innovations around developer productivity
      • Integrations between Atlassian and other leading products


      Anton Genkin
      Product Manager - Bitbucket Data Center & Server

      Sometimes, reStructuredText is preferred over markdown.
      For those repositories, it will be nice to display the processed text in NAVIGATION > Source

      Addendum: For this to be possible, ideally the readme rendering should be made pluggable.


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