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Allow the creation of tasks without requiring a comment



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      Atlassian status as of March 2020

      Hi all,

      I'm excited to share that in Bitbucket Server 7.0 we shipped redesigned and optimized pull request page with several improvements you’ve been asking us for a long time. One of the improvements is the new tasks, which can now be created without parent comment.

      Please, don't hesitate to leave feedback on the feature in the comments below. We would like to know if new tasks solve your problems. 

      You can find more information in the Bitbucket Server 7.0 release notes and Pull Requests documentation.

      Anton Genkin
      Product Manager Bitbucket Server

      Original description
      My team loves the new tasks; they certainly make the review process much nicer!

      It would be really great if you could create task items directly on the diffs without having to create a comment first. Sometimes the task is large enough to need a comment, and then break it out in to tasks. Other times it's a simple task like "Add javadocs".

      There are a couple of other possibilities for this:

      • Asking for changes to files that haven't been modified yet (example: "Add missing changes to ThisOtherService.java")
      • Grouping together changes for multiple files (example: "Clean up the changes in the com.example.controllers package")


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