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Ability to link a JIRA issue to a pull request, even when the bug id is not mentioned in any commit



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      Atlassian Status – 03 January 2018

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for providing your thoughts and votes on this suggestion. We know it's been a while since this suggestion was raised and we're sorry to have kept you without a clear answer.

      Your feedback has really helped us better understand the challenges you face being unable to link Jira-issues to PRs. Despite our lack of communication, this problem is actually one of those areas we plan to improve. Right now we've decided to prioritise it on our roadmap.

      Thank you again for all your feedback on this suggestion and we look forward to providing you with more updates as we work on the solution.

      Anton Genkin | Product Manager - Integrations

      Original description:
      I'd like to have an option to link a JIRA issue to a pull request. The automatic linking from issues mentioned in commit messages are useful for bugs, but we usually do not include the JIRA issue key bigger features/stories because there are usually more than one commit


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