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Accessibility for visually impaired, ADA


      In reviewing your product it was found to be non-compliant in several areas. As part of the US Government we request remediation strategy be developed.
      The following conditions were found to be non-compliant with accessibility issues:

      1. Software must provide a visual indication of where the keyboard focus is on the screen and provide this information to assistance technology.
      Examples of non-compliance: User loses visual focus on the Commit file link.
      508 Standard - (Software Applications and Operating Systems) - c (Input Focus)
      Recommend resolution: Use a standard operating system call to generate a focus rectangle on a button or highlighted cell within a grid. Expose the focus of the current control when Windows operating system is used for focus.

      2. Images and graphics require a text description for screen reader users. For decorative images that do not convey information, use ALT="".
      Examples of non-compliance: Various visual indicators/icons are missing alt tags, i.e. magnifier icon, up arrow icon and profile icon. The STASH logo is missing an alt tag.
      508 standard - 1194.22 (Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications) - a (Text Equivalents)
      Recommended resolution: Use ALT attribute with descriptive text. For example <img ALT="dhs logo">.

      3. All form fields must be labeled so screen reader users can complete and submit the forms. The question (and response where appropriate) must be announced so users know what information to enter.
      Examples of non-compliance: Missing LABEL or TITLE for Groups filter input box. Missing LABEL/ID or TITLE for Master Branches input box. Missing LABEL/ID or TITLE for Pull Request HTTP input box.
      508 standard - 1194.22 (Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications) - n (Form Labels)
      Recommended resolution: Single labels (question):LABEL/ID:
      <LABEL for=""fname"">First name:</LABEL>
      <INPUT type=""text"" ID=""fname""...>
      <td class=""label""><LABEL for=""rpf"">Report Format: *</LABEL></td>
      <select ID=""rpf"" name=""file"">
      <option value="""">HTML</option>
      Two labels (question and response):
      Use TITLE:
      <input type=""radio"" TITLE=""include plan? yes"">
      <input type=""radio"" TITLE=""include plan? no"">
      <FIELDSET><LEGEND>Include plan?</LEGEND>
      <input type=checkbox ID=""y""><LABEL for=""y"">Yes</LABEL>
      <input type=checkbox ID="n"><LABEL for="n">No</LABEL>

      4. No method provided to skip repetitive links in application. This would allow keyboard and screen reader users to navigate quickly past the navigation links on the page.
      508 standard - 1194.22 (Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications) - o (Skip Navigation)
      Recommended resolution: Best practice example: www.ready.gov/america

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