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As a Bitbucket user I want the product to support tags on code review comments for reporting purposes and for better user experience



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      Suggestion description:

      This suggestion is raised on behalf of a customer:

      "The CMMI requirement is for Developers to have a way to tag their code review comments. For example, a developer on the team will review a pull request from another developer and sees there is a bug in the code. The developer will comment on identifying the bug and add a tag; @bug, to that comment. This way, at the end of a sprint the team can compile a report from all the tags used in code reviews and the team can see a trend. Maybe the team keeps trying to push code with bugs, or using bad coding practices, or not meeting the client's criteria; the report can show that when there are a high number of those tags used. That way the team has a way to track its code quality and focus on areas of improvement.

      So this is for performing code reviews after a pull request has been opened. A way that the developers can add tags to the comments they make when they review someone else's code."

      Why this is important

      Such a feature:
      1. can be used, later on, to more easily search for that comment (better user experience).
      2. and, most importantly, can be used for reporting purposes (to check trends + track code quality + focus on areas of improvement)

      Any available workarounds currently?

      "Manually typing in a tag and at the end of a sprint, manually going through all the pull requests and searching (Ctrl + F) for any tags that are in that pull request."


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