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Elasticsearch service fails to start



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    • 7.21.0
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      Issue Summary

      After setting JRE_HOME in set-jre-home.sh, Elasticsearch service fails to start with start-bitbucket.sh, throws below exception

      could not find java in bundled jdk at {$INST_HOME}/atlassian-bitbucket-7.1.0/elasticsearch/jdk/bin/java
      There was a problem starting bundled Elasticsearch

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Download Bitbucket server version 7.1.0 (tar.gz)
      2. Set JRE_HOME in set-jre-home.sh and start bitbucket with start-bitbucket.sh

      Expected Results

      Elasticsearch service is expected to start along with Bitbucket

      Actual Results

      Elasticsearch service could not start

      The below exception is thrown while starting Bitbucket with start-bitbucket.sh:

      Starting Atlassian Bitbucket as the current user
      Copying Elasticsearch configuration to {$BITBUCKET_HOME}/shared/search
      Setting Elasticsearch configuration to version 3
      Starting bundled Elasticsearch
      Hint: Run start-bitbucket.sh --no-search to skip starting Elasticsearch
      could not find java in bundled jdk at {$INST_HOME}/atlassian-bitbucket-7.1.0/elasticsearch/jdk/bin/java
      There was a problem starting bundled Elasticsearch
      Bitbucket is being run with a umask that contains potentially unsafe settings.
      The following issues were found with the mask "u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx" (0022):
       - Access is allowed to 'others'. It is recommended that 'others' be denied
         all access for security reasons.
      The recommended umask for Bitbucket is "u=,g=w,o=rwx" (0027) and can be
      configured in _start-webapp.sh
      The current open files limit is set to less than 4096
      Attempting to increase limit...
      Limit increased to 4096 open files
      Starting Bitbucket webapp at http://localhost:7990
      The Bitbucket webapp has been started.


      Manually set JAVA_HOME to start elasticsearch service
      export JAVA_HOME="$JRE_HOME"


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