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Clone URL removes capitalization for context path


      Issue Summary

      In Bitbucket 6.4.0+, if a Bitbucket instance uses a context path that contains any capitalized letters - all capitalization is removed, resulting in the clone URL not working correctly when a user attempts to clone using it.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set the following line in your bitbucket.properties file:
        • server.context-path=/BITBUCKET
      2. Restart your Bitbucket instance
      3. Log in and create a new repository, or observe an existing repository - and review the clone URL

      Expected Results

      The clone URL uses a context path of "/BITBUCKET" and successfully clones on attempting to use the URL

      Actual Results

      The clone URL removes all capitalization, and results in a failed clone if the URL is used - as the actual context path uses the capitalized context path:


      Implement a URL rewrite or iRule on a reverse proxy in front of your Bitbucket instance in order to redirect requests made to the all-lowercase context path to instead use the correct capitalization.

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