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As a repo admin I want to see which user pushed each commit in my repo - Customer request


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      Problem Definition

      In Commits page of a repository, the field Author shows the Bitbucket user the following way:
      The commit author's email is checked, to see if it matches a confirmed email of a Bitbucket user. If it does, this user appears as author of the commits.

      Sometimes users have in their .gitconfig file an email different than their Bitbucket account email.
      In this case, no Bitbucket user shows as Author.
      Additionally, users may accidentally use someone else's email in their .gitconfig (e.g. using a different laptop), and the commits they push show an author different than themselves.

      Repo admins/owners would like to be able to see which user pushed a commit in Bitbucket, in order to track a commit to the user that pushed it.

      Suggested Solution

      In Commits page of a repo, add a column that shows which Bitbucket user pushed each commit.

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