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Studio requires finer-grained permissions in Bamboo



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      I just had a long conversation with a few people about an issue reported by a plugin developer, DEVNET-239. The issue, fundamentally, was that the developer wanted to set up a Bamboo build for his project on PStudio.

      Since I'm still basically the new guy here in Dev Relations, I just sort of assumed that would work, but I couldn't figure it out, so I asked Tim Wong. He figured it should work too, and told me to re-file the developer's request as a support ticket, so I did: JST-5567.

      But then I was talking with Tim Moore [Atlassian] and JohnA as well, and the answer was somewhere between "it's complicated" and "you can't do that." We set up project developer groups in Studio as standard practice, so that multiple projects can share the same JIRA instance without allowing everybody write access to all projects' data, those permissions apply only to JIRA, not to Bamboo. This was not at all obvious, and perhaps that's worthy of a JST issue... Regardless, it seems like there's no way to give a particular user or group permission to create/modify plans specific to their project. As far as I can tell, if a user can create/modify plans, they can do so for all projects, which is a pretty crippling security problem for Studio.

      As a consequence, PStudio and StAC seem to have established a policy prohibiting developers from setting up Bamboo plans – only administrators can do it. One could imagine this being the case in other enterprise deployments of Studio as well.

      Tim pointed me at a couple probably related, previously filed issues: BAM-2677 and BAM-2070.


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