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Bamboo should run old builds with matching old plan specs configuration



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      When rerunning an old build with specs, Bamboo will not restore the specs configuration that was used when the build was run for the first time. This will not take the specs advantage to save the old configurations and rerun the old build with the same settings.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configure a plan with specs
      2. Run a build
      3. Change the specs configuration (e.g. add an extra task with something)
      4. Rerun the first build and notice that the new configuration is used, not the old one.

      Suggested solution

      The build will run with the old configuration


      You can reestablish the old configuration by deploying it again to the server. The steps would be:

      1. In the terminal check out the specs repository in the revision that represents the configuration you want.
      2. Redeploy the configuration from your terminal using the command below:
        mvn -Ppublish-specs

      Keep in mind that you will need to redo the steps above to set back the build configuration to the latest one again. It will allow new builds to run with the right configuration.



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