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Automatically add repositories to FishEye



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      Atlassian status as of June 2015

Thanks for all your votes and comments on this suggestion.

      This is a good idea and something we would like to see in Stash and FishEye, but at this point we do not currently have any plans to implement this into the products in the near future. We will be sure to update this issue when we have a better idea of when we might start working on it.

      In the mean time, if FishEye and Stash are already integrated, you can easily add individual Stash Repositories to FishEye.

      Product feedback is collected from a number of different sources and is evaluated when planning the product roadmap. If you would like to know more about how Atlassian Product Management uses customer input during the planning process, please see this post on Atlassian Answers and our new features policy.

      Thanks for your patience and we hope you appreciate our open approach to feature requests.
      Steve King
      Product Manager - Stash

      Original request description

      I don't really want to have to manually create FishEye projects for every repo in Stash. A way to populate FishEye when a repo is created in Stash would be nice...or at least some very easy way to do it (ideally one that doesn't involve an administrator).


      Use Fisheye's REST APIs to add repositories and set up their permissions:




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