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update-index --assume-unchanged is not honored



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      When I don't want to commit a file but don't want Git to ignore it, I use in the command line "git update-index --assume-unchanged <myFile>", the problem is the file is still shown in the IDE and even proposed as file to be committed, on the command line, after this command, if I do a "git status", the result doesn't report this file as changed anymore.

      This feature is useful when for example, there is a file containing settings use by the build server but they are not the same on the user computer, each user might change it to reflect its own settings, this file is versioned but I don't want it to be committed or even shown as changed.

      In the IDE: It would be possible to exclude particular tracked file from pending (see 'man git update-index' , '–assume-unchanged, –no-assume-unchanged' for more details). That is convenient when you don't want your local changes to be displayed at 'Pending' view, committed and pushed to remote repo.

      I see that you can do the following then:
      allow to set 'assume-unchanged' bit from the IDE;
      provide dedicated sub-section at 'File Status' view that displays files with 'assume-unchanged' status and allows to unset it;

      Additional info:
      You can check 'assume-unchanged' bit via 'git ls-files -v' ;
      it may worth to support not only 'assume-unchanged' but 'skip-worktree' and 'assume-untracked' ;


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